Downtown Baptist Church

Reaching the inner-city of downtown Sacramento for 41 years


Senior Pastor

Born in Crawfordsville, Iowa, Pastor Dick Hedger was lead to the Lord by his oldest sister on December 30, 1949 at the age of 12. Although away from the Lord during his teenage years, he had a godly mother who never stopped praying for him. It was through a terrible car accident that he finally got his heart right with God. Pastor Hedger became actively involved in an independent, fundamental Baptist church in Cherokee, Iowa before moving to assist his former pastor at a church in North Highlands, California. 

In February of 1975, the Lord laid a vision on Pastor Hedger’s heart to start a church for the inner-city people of downtown Sacramento. That became a reality on January 25, 1976, when the doors opened for the first time at 2115 8th Street, where the church currently resides today. The property was rented and later bought from the Chinese Grace Bible Church.   

Over the past 40+ years, Pastor Hedger has seen many come to Christ and many grow in the Lord. Downtown Baptist Church would not be where it is today without the leadership of Pastor Hedger. His commitment to the ministry has never wavered, and his passion for people is evident in the work here. The doors are still open, and by God's grace, DBC will continue on until the Lord returns.  

Pastor and Mrs. Hedger have four living children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. 



Associate Pastor 

Bro. Joel was nine years old when his father, Pastor Dick Hedger, started Downtown Baptist Church. After graduating high school, Bro. Joel went to Bible college in Florida for one year before returning to work alongside his dad at DBC. By the age of 19, he was serving as the youth pastor, soundman, and junior church preacher. Bro. Joel served as our youth pastor for over 20 years, eventually stepping into the role of associate pastor.

Though some unique circumstances, the Lord led Timi into his life, and they were married on July 17, 1993. Joel and Timi are a godly couple and an invaluable asset to this ministry. They are sold-out, dedicated servants, and they have faithfully raised their family in the work here at DBC.

Joel currently leads the men’s prayer meeting and weekly soul winning on Saturday mornings, teaches a Sunday school class, drives a van route, directs the congregational singing and church choir, and serves as the Associate Pastor and right-hand man to his dad. Timi serves as the church secretary and bus captain, as well as overseeing all church fellowships and ladies’ events.

Bro. Joel and his wife have two daughters, Cassidy and Courtney.